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Product Information:

Foam Party includes: 1 foam machine w/ operator, 1-hr of foam solution, and speakers. 

All of our foam parties will include age appropriate edited music or customer can provide their own playlist. A foam party is an excellent option for birthday parties, daycares, school events, church events, gender reveals, adult themed parties and so much more. Foam can be used outside or inside with minimal cleanup afterwards. Our foam solution is BIODEGRADABLE, HYPO-ALLERGENIC, AND SCENT FREE!!! $99 for each additional hour. Foam Party disclaimer/policy:

We require power and water hook-up within 50' from where you want the foam.


Rain policy:

You have 2 hours before your event to reschedule due to weather.  

1. If we arrive and its raining, we will wait it out for 30 minutes. If it is still raining after 30 minutes, we will have to postpone and re-schedule. If we have to reschedule because of rain, we just charge $100 to cover the time it took for staff, travel, and set up. The remaining balance will be applied for your next party.

 2. If it starts to rain after we have already setup, We will wait it out for 30 minutes. If it is still raining after 30 minutes, we will charge 50% and apply the remaining balance to re-schedule for another date.

 3. If it starts to rain after we have been blowing foam for 30 minutes we will wait it out for 30 minutes, if the rain does not stop, We must leave, however, we will give you $100 off your NEXT Foam Party.

 If it is a very light rain (sprinkle/mist) we are good to go.
We schedule parties back to back with enough time for travel, set-up/clean-up and 30 minutes in case of rain, WE CAN NOT wait longer than 30 minutes for rain delay. It may be raining where your party is, but nice and sunny at the next party, so we have to leave ON TIME.

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

Space Needed:

20 ft


  • External Speakers

    Powered 1500W PRO DJ Amplified Loud Speakers with Bluetooth USB SD Card AUX MP3 FM Radio PA System LED Lights Karaoke Mic Guitar Amp 2 Tripod Stands Cable and Microphone

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